Leopard’s Welcome Video + Older Welcome Videos

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Tiger’s, Panther’s and OS 9′s Welcome Videos after the jump…
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Leopard’s Movies Widget for Tiger

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I know who killed me

Download the widget from MacAmour here.

Dilemna: To Defragment or Not To Defragment An OS X’s HD?

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Homert’s Dilemna?

First point: Any OS installed on a HFS+ partition (which is the case of OS X) leads the HD to fragmentation. This is a rule, and OS X isn’t an exception.
Second point: OS X has much more files than OS 9 (RIP)
Third point: here is Apple’s opinion on that subject (according to Apple there won’t be big changes if you defragment your HD); OS X Tiger & Leopard automatically defragment some files with a process called: “Hot File Adaptive Clustering”.
Final point: UNIX: defragmentation on UNIX system is useless.

So… Now we have these elements we have to find and answer to this dilemna: meet me after the jump.
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Quinn 3.5

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Quinn Tetris

Quinn is a free Tetris clone for Tiger users.

It is as funny as the original Tetris and has a very slick interface… Enjoy!

You can get it here.


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Hilarious! :mrgreen:

Change your Tiger’s icons into Leopard’s

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Want your icons to look like Leopard’s (until October)?

Here’s what you need:
* This Leopard icon package (144 icns).
* Candy Bar: the latest version 2.6.1 isn’t compatible with OS X 10.4.10 unless you do the update when it requests you to.

Candy Bar is too easy to use (drag and drop), no need for a “how to” for that application.

It Happened: 10.4.10

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Another update of the MOST updated version of Mac OS: “Tiger” has finally been released.
Many Apple rumors sites talked about 10.4.10 because of the delay of Leopard (due to the iPhone according to Apple when it first happened).

Tiger's  10th update

Mac OS X 10.4.10 improves Bluetooth, USB
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Temp solution until Leopard feat. Space got released

Posted on May 30th, 2007 in 3rd Party Software | 6 Comments »

[lang_en]virtue.pngIt’s a small application I’m using since a long time ago, it really makes “multitasking” much easier.
It simulates virtual desktops just like Space will do in OS 10.5, the application is called VirtueDesktops, the developpers stopped the project with a very stable beta version: 0.54 beta 4:

The writing has been on the wall for VirtueDesktops since last year’s WWDC, and I had intended to release a nice, stable version for 10.4 users before I stopped work on the project.

You can get it here.
The application is made for Tiger, and it really runs super fast, special effects are the same than those seen at WWDC. Once you use it you will be like me: even more impatient for Leopard’s release!

PS: The cube effect (like the one when you switch users) is superb!!![/lang_en]
[lang_fr]virtue.pngIl s’agit d’une petite application pour les mordus du multitasking.
Cette application émule des bureaux virtuels tel que Space le fait sur Leopard, l’application répond au doux nom de VirtueDesktop, et les développeurs ont arrêté le développement à une version stable: 0.54 beta 4:

The writing has been on the wall for VirtueDesktops since last year’s WWDC, and I had intended to release a nice, stable version for 10.4 users before I stopped work on the project.

Vous pouvez la télécharger ici.
L’application est faite pour les utilisateurs de Tiger, elle va très vite, et vous aurez le plaisir de découvrir les effets spéciaux vus lors de la WWDC. En l’utilisant vous serez encore plus impatient qu’auparavant de mettre la main sur Leopard!

PS: L’effet “Cube” est magnifique!!![/lang_fr]