Mozilla Firefox 3 beta + Mac Theme

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[lang_en]Firefox 3 beta + Proto
The beta version of Mozilla Firefox 3 is available for download.
Most of the extensions I was using on Firefox 2 are not compatible with version 3 beta.
The prototype theme for OS X is beautiful, and that’s the purpose of this post: sharing it!

To download Firefox 3 beta go here, and to download the prototype theme for Mac go here .


[lang_es]Firefox 3 beta + Proto

La versión beta de Mozilla Firefox 3 está ya disponible para la transferencia directa, para el propósito de prueba beta, pero como siempre, la aplicación está trabajando completamente con algunos fallos de funcionamiento.
La mayoría de las extensiones que tenía en Firefox 2 son incompatibles con la versión 3 beta para el momento (hasta que son actualizados). 
La belleza del tema del prototipo del OS X del mac me impresioné que usted puede ver en este poste.
El tema trabaja solamente en Firefox 3 beta, así que ninguna necesidad de intentar conseguirla mientras que usted está ejecutando la 2da versión de Firefox porque no trabajará.

Descargar Firefox 3 beta aqui, y para descargar el tema de Proto del mac, vaya aqui .


Xtorrent 1.1 Beta 1

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Xtorrent 1.1 beta 1

It was a “plebiscite” and David Watanabe heard his top application users.

Xtorrent 1.1 beta 1 is another step forward; it is a fusion between the developer and the users, and the result is a new version of Xtorrent with user’s requested features like :individual file selection, file prioritization, individual file completion status, and improved privacy options.

And of course, the genius touch of David for a better UI!

Download Xtorrent 1.1 beta 1

Adium beta 1.1: More Features!

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The multi-chat client for OS X now is available as a beta 1.1.
It has much more features.. yeah myself I didn’t believe it was possible.
Now you can for example customize the menu bar icon by downloading xtras like the escalate one. It also now has the same contact list “change status” animation than iChat.

Menu Bar Adium

Many many bugs has been corrected, read the full list of Adium 1.1 beta pluses!

Download Adium beta 1.1 from here.

Microsoft releases Open XML converter for Mac

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Office Open XML Converter enables users to convert, in single or batch files, Office Open XML files into Rich Text Format (RTF), which can be opened in Microsoft Word 2004 and Microsoft Word X.

The converter is a Beta release, and might be unable to convert all the data in Office Open XML files,” Microsoft states. “After you convert a file, you should review the file carefully to make sure that it contains all of the information that you expect.

Download the beta

Safari 3 beta Tabs

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Here’s what you can do with Safari 3 beta’s tab:
* drag and drop them (to reorganize them)
* drag a single tab down to open it in a new window 

“An error occurred while attempting to join the chat”

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If you have this message (An error occurred while attempting to join the chat) don’t panic, it’s nothing but an incompatibility with Safari 3 beta.

Two ways to fix this bug:

Solution N°1- uninstall Safari beta


Solution N°2- download Chax 1.4.9 beta 1; as a reminder, Chax is a plug in for iChat that adds several “missing features” to OS X’s default chat client.

Awaken Beta: More Precise Alarm Time + Better UI

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I already talked about Awaken previously in the blog, it was about a bug that now has been repaired in the latest version (Awaken 3.1.3).
But the developer now has released a beta version of his application with a better UI (more Leopardish) and a more precise alarm time.


The beta is very stable on my iMac, I advise all awaken users to give it a try. The update is available at Embraceware’s Blog.

Temp solution until Leopard feat. Space got released

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[lang_en]virtue.pngIt’s a small application I’m using since a long time ago, it really makes “multitasking” much easier.
It simulates virtual desktops just like Space will do in OS 10.5, the application is called VirtueDesktops, the developpers stopped the project with a very stable beta version: 0.54 beta 4:

The writing has been on the wall for VirtueDesktops since last year’s WWDC, and I had intended to release a nice, stable version for 10.4 users before I stopped work on the project.

You can get it here.
The application is made for Tiger, and it really runs super fast, special effects are the same than those seen at WWDC. Once you use it you will be like me: even more impatient for Leopard’s release!

PS: The cube effect (like the one when you switch users) is superb!!![/lang_en]
[lang_fr]virtue.pngIl s’agit d’une petite application pour les mordus du multitasking.
Cette application émule des bureaux virtuels tel que Space le fait sur Leopard, l’application répond au doux nom de VirtueDesktop, et les développeurs ont arrêté le développement à une version stable: 0.54 beta 4:

The writing has been on the wall for VirtueDesktops since last year’s WWDC, and I had intended to release a nice, stable version for 10.4 users before I stopped work on the project.

Vous pouvez la télécharger ici.
L’application est faite pour les utilisateurs de Tiger, elle va très vite, et vous aurez le plaisir de découvrir les effets spéciaux vus lors de la WWDC. En l’utilisant vous serez encore plus impatient qu’auparavant de mettre la main sur Leopard!

PS: L’effet “Cube” est magnifique!!![/lang_fr]