All of you have noticed it is not possible to sync your BlackBerry handhelds with your Mac after upgrading to iCloud anymore.
First thing you may need to consider, Apple will not provide with a solution to this problem, why? Because they actually prefer you to buy an iPhone,
Second thing to know, BlackBerry will not provide with a solution (unless they release a new version of their BlackBerry Desktop Software) because this problem is caused by a third party application.

Well, here is a workaround provided by MacAmour in order to sync your devices anyway.
Just follow these four steps:

  1. Open your System Preferences panel and go to iCloud:
  2. Disable Address Book and iCal sync by unselecting them
  3. Start BlackBerry Desktop Software and you’ll notice it is possible to sync your BlackBerry with address book and iCal again
  4. Don’t forget to re-enable the services your disabled in step 2.
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