Well known and annoying error messages that appears on iTunes when you try to unlock/jailbreak an iPhone.
Here are the steps I followed to unlock an iPhone (factory settings), two friends helped me for this: Kofster and Houssem).
What you need to make it (Google is your friend):

  1. Pwnage Tool (latest release)
  2. QuickPwn (latest version)
  3. Boot Loader (3.9 and 4.6)
  4. the latest version of iPhone OS (2.2) downloaded

Make the jump for the complete tutorial.

  1. Create a custom firmware version with Pwnage Tool + Boot Loader and the iPhone OS 2.2 (just follow the steps in Pwnage);

    Don’t connect your iPhone to your Mac; and don’t restore your iPhone with that custom firmware for the moment.


  2. Restore/Upgrade your iPhone with the official released of iPhone OS (no need to plug the iPhone for now);

    Make sure the phone is off, disconnected from the computer and that it has a charge. Plug in the USB part of the cable in the mac. Press and hold the home button on the iPhone and with it pressed, plug in the 30 pin connector to the bottom of the iPhone. This will force the iPhone into a restore mode. Keep holding the home button until iTunes picks up the phone in a restore mode. Restore the iPhone with an original Apple IPSW.


  3. Launch QuickPwn and  follow the steps carefully;

    Don’t mind about iTunes error message(s), or they will mislead you.


    By using the quickpwn, the device will be pwned to be able to take the custom restore without having to go in to dfu mode.


  4. Restore in iTunes with your custom firware (created in step 1), no need to enter .

Thanks to Houssem and Kofster for their help.

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