This is the NEXT internet revolution!
Probably inspired by Konfabulator (Yahoo Widgets), Apple’s Dashboard and the iPhone web applications, this new technologies are impressive! Based on some runtime environments, Adobe Air and Google App Engine are like some “OS” inside your operating system, based on native web applications.

I personally have only tried Adobe Air, and I’m very impressed by the results, especially with AOL Videos (as you can see it in the screenshot):

As you can see, the application is beautiful, and runs flawlessly!

The applications are so easy to install (Adobe Air), here’s for example the eBay Adobe Air application’s page:

Better: once installed, the application goes in your Applications folder just like a regular one, and man.. how fast they launch!!!

Another screenshot of eBay Desktop:

More? The site of AOL Music – Top 100 Videos is about 900 kb (less than a Dashboard Widget)!

This is the new ERA of the internet technologies, I haven’t tried Google’s yet, but Adobe Air rocks!
One of the advantages of these new runtime environments is the fact they’re cross platform: no matter you’re on a Mac of a PC, you can run these Internet Applications.

For more informations on Google App Engine go here.
To download Adobe Air and applications, go here.
To download Google App Engine Launcher go here.

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